The Season Begins

Western Australian Orchids

02/04/2017 First outing to commence the new Orchid hunting season. The choice of location was obvious, Helms Arboretum, as it is by far the most prolific location for variety over the whole Orchid season. We were accompanied by our son Jace, his wife Amber and our little champion Oliver plus the inseparable Reggie.

We pulled up on the south boundary of Plot 16 to be as far away from Plot 30 as possible where other people had horses and Reggie may take off. Whilst Oliver and the rest went for a walk east I checked out Plot 16 and found the first orchid of the season on the West boundary opposite Plot 12.

The ever reliable White Bunny Orchid ( Eriochilus dilatatus sp. dilatatus). 3 individual plants within 2 meters of each other.

We then all went walking along Jolowah Rd where further specimens were found alongside Plots 7, 6, 37 & 51.

Deb and myself also made a quick visit to Monjingup reserve to check on the rehabilitation efforts since the bushfire. New pathways, fencing and interpretive signs had been installed however no orchids were found.

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