Bunnies and Hares

Western Australian Orchids

22/4/2017 Deb & I return to Helms Arboretum for a drive along the more outlining tracks of the Arboretum. Leaving the main plots at Plot 57 we travel southwards to the end of FL1007 on the map and turn right. At this turn Deb spotted a single Hare Orchid ( Leporella fimbriata ) with two flowers. This orchid flowers between March and June and is found from north of Kalbarri to Israelite Bay.

Further along this track we took photos of another White Bunny Orchid ( Eriochilus dilatatus sp. dilatatus) to show the vast occurrence of this species to this area.

At the junction of the track which leads westwards from Plot 77 and our Nth/Sth track is a Plantation of Pines. Under this canopy we find more White Bunny Orchid ( Eriochilus dilatatus sp. dilatatus). Images  show some of the specimens found.


From here we headed further North following the track. We did not locate an further orchid specimens however we did come across dam which Deb feels has gilgies or yabbies in it given the number of tyre tracks and empty beer bottles surrounding it. Further along we also had a close encounter with a Stubble Quail (Coturnix pectoralis) which was our first ever sighting of a quail before in the Esperance region. Quail photo posted from http://chrissteelesbirding.blogspot.com.au

Finally we pass the large salt lake we had attempted to get to many years ago. Should be a great place for orchids which like salt lake margins.

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