Wittenoom Expansion

Day Trip


Final visit to the blue metal site for the season, but who knows we do change our minds a bit, and the larger spider orchid leaf has finally flowered. Identifying the white spider orchid though may prove difficult as it is not 100% open. However, due to the length of the petals and lateral sepals I will be naming this one the Reclining spider orchid (Caladenia cruscula) which occurs in a restricted range from Salmon Gums to Mt Ragged during August and September.

The Wispy spiders had finished for the season so no more orchids left in the blue metal. Time to expand our search. Deb slowly moves along the north track back to road, whilst I take a shortcut through the scrub. I thought the Western wispy spider orchid (Caladenia microchila) had finished but then I stumble across a couple still looking great.

Whilst I’m taking photos of the spider orchids Deb has found some great donkey orchids on the roads edge. Green Range donkey orchids (Diuris littoralis) are my classification based on location. By the time I have caught up she had moved across Wittenoom Road to check out that bush.

So many Blue beards (Pheladenia deformis) are found on the western side of the road.

Very close to a large patch of Blue beards Deb spies some Pterostylis orchids. They appear to be a small group of Green-veined shell orchids (Pterostylis scabra) which flower May to August in a range from Kalbarri to Esperance.

Further spiders, donkeys and blue beards are found even in the gravel of the road verge.

Well our quick look around has come to an end, however we did locate 5 species and have extended the size of our Wittenoom Road site by 100% or more.

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