Final hoorah of 2019 season

Esperance, Helms Arboretum


On my drive back in from the airport, after flying back from Melbourne via Perth, I stop in at Helms Arboretum (Mud Map SE 35) to have a quick look around. Only 2 orchids found due to the limited time available.


Common bee orchid

Diuris decrementa

Common mignonette orchid

Microtis media subsp. media

This lightning visit turns out to be my final orchid adventure for the 2019 season. Highlights were numerous and I will miss many, however some I remember whilst writing this final blog for the season were:

First time finds: Twisted sun orchid, Tenterden yellow spider orchid, Karri snail orchid, common bunny orchid and others.

Hybrids : Northern sandplain spider orchid (1st time find as well), Dusky fairy orchid, Spectacular spider orchid and other un-named ones.

Summer bushfire blooms : Rabbit orchids, Blue beards, Red beaks and Pink bunny orchids in Boyatup.

New Locations discovered : Narembeen shire, Westonia shire, Mukinbudin shire, Mount Marshall shire and Perenjori shire to name a few.

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