20 – 21/06/2020….. Coastal tease

Weekend away


A young friend has invited us out to Alexander Bay for an overnight fishing camp-out. After having a quick check of the shire campground we hit the beach and make our way onto the rocks where Billy and his boys are already fishing.

After eating our lunch I go on exploring with the boys as Billy and Deb move locations to try for some squid. On the way up the granite rocks I discover some nice greenhoods. Both the Banded greenhoods (Pterostylis vittata) and the Dark banded greenhoods (Pterostylis sanguinea) grow east of Esperance and can be found growing on granite outcrops. One has brown colouring whilst the others are green, so appears both may be present in this one location.

As the boys had run ahead, my searching is more focused on the walk back to Billy and Deb. I discovered many leaves and rosettes of orchids yet to sprout buds. Then under some bushes in the sand dunes behind the granite are some Caladenia leaves which have buds forming. Also found where some thin Thelymitra leaves and a lone Bird orchid.

Back to the fishing and Billy has caught 2 squid and it’s time to move on up the beach to find our possie for tonight. We finally found what we envisaged to be a great spot on the beach and set up camp. Campfire lit, a few fish caught, more seaweed caught, dinner cooked, a few drinks consumed then bed.


We awake to a very cold morning where the waves crashing on the beach seem to be causing steam to rise from the ocean. It is a beautiful sunny morning but you would not know it as it is so cold. After breakfast we slowly pack up and move back towards the Alexander Bay campground.

We pull up to a spot where we try for some sand whiting or flathead but not much is happening. A call of nature causes me to go exploring at the base of the sand dunes. Whilst walking back I check very closely under the scrub and find some rosettes. Upon closer inspection there are snail orchids starting to bud. A further tease for the season ahead it appears.

Results from the overnight fishing trip: Camping: Great, Fishing: Average, Orchids: Tease. If time permits a re-visit in a few weeks may prove worthy.

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