21/05/2022 ….. Solemn Day for a Winter Spider Orchid Hunt

Karlgarin NR, Western Australian Orchids

A road trip back home to Dwellingup for my beloved Mothers funeral is not something I wished to be doing, but not unexpected either. As we were driving through so-called Winter Spider orchid territory, we made a few stops along the way. First up called into Varley with no luck. Then we popped into the bush around Lake Gouter Nature Reserve, again with no luck. Our final stop of the day was at Karlgarin Nature Reserve, where we did not find any Winter spider orchids, however, were lucky to find a Pygmy orchid (Corunastylis fuscoviridis) still in flower. Spent ones were found at all 3 locations. These little orchids are similar to Leek orchids as their flowers are inverted.

Stands 100 to 250mm high with up to 50 flowers