Diuris – Donkey orchids, bee orchids, nanny goat orchids and pansy orchids.

List of Orchids Found

Diuris corymbosa complex (Donkey orchids)

Flowering – June to early December

There are 26 Western Australian species

  • Colony forming habit
  • Broad, often prominently reflexed dorsal sepal
  • Narrow, hanging or reflexed lateral sepals
  • Mostly winter-spring flowering

Western wheatbelt donkey orchid (Diuris brachyscapa) 29/07/2015

South coast donkey orchid (Diuris brockmanii) 01/08/2015

Winter donkey orchid (Diuris brumalis) 12/08/2018

Spectacled donkey orchid (Diuris conspicillata) 24/9/2018 – Dempster Head N.R.

Common donkey orchid (Diuris corymbosa) 13/08/2017

Yellow granite donkey orchid (Diuris hazeliae) 07/09/2017

Dunsborough donkey orchid (Diuris jonesii)

Green Range donkey orchid (Diuris littoralis) 25/07/2015

Purple pansy orchid (Diuris longiflora) 27/08/2020

Pale donkey orchid (Diuris pallescens) 03/09/2019

Small flowered donkey orchid (Diuris porrifolia) 13/08/2017

Beautiful donkey orchid (Diuris pulchella) 25/6/2017

Dainty donkey orchid (Diuris refracta) 03/09/2019

Sandplain donkey orchid (Diuris tinctoria)

Diuris laxiflora complex (Bee orchids)

Flowering – August to January

There are 18 Western Australian species

  • Long, terete leaves. Circular in cross-section
  • Erect, tapering dorsal sepal
  • Forward projecting lateral sepals
  • Labellum usually longer than lateral lobes

Elegant donkey orchid (Diuris concinna) 30/09/2018 – Lane Road

Common bee orchid (Diuris decrementa) 30/09/2018 – Coolinup Road

Bee orchid (Diuris laxiflora) 20/09/2020 Boydell Road

Diuris laevis complex (Nanny goat orchids)

Flowering – September to November

There are 2 Western Australian species

  • Flowering stimulated by summer fire
  • Laterally splayed petals and a small dorsal sepal
  • Flattened labellum mid lobe

Pansy orchids are included in the Corymbosa complex.

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