15/08/2020 ….. Danberrin Hill to Perth (Road Trip 2020)

Road Trip, Western Australian Orchids

Unlike our other mornings, we wake to sounds of other people. The church group are up and busy, so we have breakfast then decide to climb the rock before breaking camp.

Danberrin Rock Reserve

Pink candy orchid

(Caladenia hirta susbp. rosea)

Glistening spider orchid

(Caladenia incensum)

Time to head back down to the campers. We pack up saying our goodbyes to the church group, before heading off to Site 22 on the Wheatbelt Way Drive Trail. Trayning Gnamma Holes are 18km north of Trayning and are listed as the largest in the district. Orchids were found alongside the track from the carpark to the gnamma holes.

Trayning Gnamma Holes

Common spider orchid

(Caladenia varians)

Blue beard, Blue fairy orchid

(Pheladenia deformis)

We then move south to Site 23 – Trayning Well a large rocked lined tank. It was situated right on the edge of the road so no opportunity to look for orchids. Then we head west to Yelbeni Town Site where the large, open shed museum is Site 24, the final stop on the Wheatbelt Way Drive Trail.

The completion of the Wheatbelt Way Drive Trail is reached as we drive back through Wyalkatchem and Dowerin, completing the loop. It was a great drive trail where we got to explore natural features and re-visit the history of the areas visited. We part ways with Richard as we head into Toodyay, to visit the Christmas Shop, whilst Richard heads to his home.

Today was more history than orchids but was a great end to the Trail. We will be spending a few days in Perth visiting relatives. Plan to head off again on the 18/8.

2 thoughts on “15/08/2020 ….. Danberrin Hill to Perth (Road Trip 2020)

  1. Hi Mickyjim,

    I have been following your adventures for a year or more & really enjoy your information on the sites you visit & orchids you find. Thanks.

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