19/08/2020 ….. Wandoo National Park to Quajabin Peak (Road Trip 2020)

National Parks, Road Trip, Wandoo NP, Western Australian Orchids

After our departure from Perth late yesterday afternoon, we awake to a beautiful morning in Wandoo National Park. After enjoying breakfast we go exploring the surrounding woodland for orchids, whilst allowing the camper to dry out from a damp evening.

Wandoo National Park

Common donkey orchid

(Diuris corymbosa)

Blue beard, blue fairy orchid

(Pheladenia deformis)

Little pink fairy, dwarf pink fairy

(Caladenia reptans subsp. reptans)

Primrose spider orchid

(Caladenia xantha)

Sugar orchid

(Ericksonella saccharata)

Murdoch snail orchid

(Pterostylis ectypha)

Clubbed snail orchid

(Pterostylis glebosa)

Cowslip orchid

(Caladenia flava subsp. flava)

Jug orchid

(Pterostylis recurva)

Banded greenhood

(Pterostylis vittata)

We then pack up our dry camper and move back to the highway to travel east. We don’t get far before another location to check out appears on the right. We take the track in and first stop along the drive in, then park up at the picnic area, before stopping along the track back to the highway. This proved a great spur of the moment stop.

Mount Observation

Little pink fairy

(Caladenia reptans subsp. reptans)

Frog greenhood

(Pterostylis sargentii)

Jug orchid

(Pterostylis recurva)

Small flowered donkey orchid

(Diuris porrifolia)

Blue beard

(Pheladenia deformis)

Common spider orchid

(Caladenia varians)

Clubbed spider orchid. Long-clubbed spider orchid

(Caladenia longiclavata)

Big clubbed spider orchid

(caladenia magniclavata)

Bird Orchid

(Pterostylis barbata)

Silky blue orchid

(Cyanicula sericea)

It is now past 1pm so we make tracks to York. Here we have a wonderful pub lunch before heading south. Just before reaching Beverley we check out St Paul’s church at Edwards Crossing. A beautiful old church in the middle of nowhere it seems. Next we pass through Beverley without stopping and turn east a Mount Kokeby. Another amazing historic build is found in Bally Bally. The old town hall was an impressive sight.We had chosen Quajabin Peak as a possible overnight stay. Not much on offer but we set up camp anyway, before I climb the Peak for a birds eye view of the surrounding farmland. Unfortunatley the peak is ravaged by erosion. At the top of the peak I found a Rufous greenhood type orchid in bud. Nothing else located.

It was a great day checking out the Wandoo National park. Finding 17 orchid species was a bonus.

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  2. Thanks for the further update. FWIW, I had no trouble reading the email notification of this latest post. I’m using Thunderbird and mention this because Graham (previous reply) notes problems with reading the email notification.

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