25/08/2020 ….. Meelon to Mornington (Road Trip 2020)

Dwellingup SF, Meelon NR, Nature Reserves, Road Trip, State Forest, Western Australian Orchids

Thankyou to Megan for allowing us to camp on her Meelon property for a couple nights. It was great to catch-up with family and friends. Finally being able to visit my dear old mum in her nursing after all the COVID-19 lockdowns, was extra special. We say our goodbyes to little Harley and start our homeward journey, albeit in a very roundabout fashion, which is the way we like it. 🙂

Meelon Nature Reserve

Common bee orchid

(Diuris decrementa)

Meelon Nature Reserve proved to be very wet and weedy however some orchids found, so a good start to the day. We now back-track a few hundred metres and turn down Burnside Road. This road side stop proves to be fruitful.

Burnside Road

Cowslip orchid

(Caladenia flava subsp. flava)

Crowded banded greenhood

(Pterostylis atrosanguinea)

The Crowded banded greenhoods were a new find for us, so it was a perfect random stop. However it is time to move on, so we venture to the South West Hwy and head down to Yarloop. From here we head west looking for suitable habitat to checkout, however we are not very successful. So we head back through Cookernup to cross the highway and head to Lake Brockman, where we have lunch at the caravan park which overlooks the Logue Brook dam. After enjoying lunch on the verandah with a friendly 28 parrot for company we go for a walk around the camping ground.

Lake Brockman Tourist Park

Cowslip orchid

(Caladenia flava subsp. flava)

Jug orchid

(Pterostylis recurva)

Small banded greenhood

(Pterostylis orbiculata)

Little pink fairies

Caladenia reptans subsp. reptans)

Slender snail orchid

(Pterostylis crispula)

Bird orchid

(Pterostylis barbata)

What a great variety of orchids found at the campground. The Small banded greenhood is another new orchid for us. We decide to move on toward Hoffman Mill where we plan to camp the night. Unfortunately the campground is closed so we decide to check out the walk trail that crosses the creek, to see if we can find anything new.

Hoffmans Mill

Slender snail orchid

(Pterostylis crispula

Jug orchid

(Pterostylis recurva)

Banded greenhood

(Pterostylis vittata)

Walk trail finished, however only Pterostylis orchids found. As we can’t camp here we head off looking for somewhere to stay in the middle of the State forest. Heading towards Collie we finally find a track leading into the bush. This track leads into a loop where we decide to pull up and set up camp.


Little pink fairies

(Caladenia reptans subsp.reptans)

After setting up the camper and getting a campfire ready to light, we check out the inner loop of our camping area. We find a few little pink fairies but do not venture much further as we will check out this location in the morning. We were distracted by the rumbling sound that just started out of the blue and did not stop for hours. It turned out to be the conveyor belt leading to Worsley Alumina Refinery.

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