25/09/2021 ….. Kepwari Walk Trail

Esperance, Nature Reserves, Western Australian Orchids, Woody Lake NR

After a weekend off to recover from our road trip we had to get out to see what was still flowering around Esperance. Today we decided to check out the Kepwari Walk Trail which meanders between Woody and Wheatfield Lakes.

First orchid found is the locally abundant Esperance king spider orchid (Caladenia decora), which comes in many shades of red, yellow and green. Size is also a variant; in that they can range from 250mm to 500mm in height and the flowers can be between 50 to 100mm across.

Then you come across spider orchids that don’t seem to fit the usual image of the Esperance king spider orchid however they are beautiful in their own right. I feel one is a hybrid between the Esperance king and Esperance white spider orchids, but this would need someone to clarify for me. Others maybe just unusual specimens.

Other spider orchids found include the Esperance white spider orchid (Caladenia longicauda subsp. crassa) and the Pointing spider orchid (Caladenia exstans) which are also locally occurring species.

Final couple of orchids found are both yellow in colour but belong to completely different genera. First up is the common Cowslip orchid (Caladenia flava subsp. flava) which is found between Israelite Bay and Geraldton. The Elegant donkey orchid (Diuris concinna) on the other hand is restricted more locally between Cape Arid to Fitgerald River National Park.

At least 5 species found during a pleasant walk. Not too bad a way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Flooded dead trees on lake shore

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