Pterostylis begin to emerge

Western Australian Orchids

27/5/2017 On a cool Autumn day we make our way out to Mt Burdett to see if anything has yet started flowering. After leaving Norwood Rd I decided to walk up the track and just at my feet after alighting from the Triton were some Banded Greenhoods (Pterostylis vittata). My photos were BAD so none will be posted of these few specimens but more were found up on the rock. Banded Greenhoods flower from April to September and range between Perth and Balladonia

Mt Burdett Mud Map SE36

After sheltering in the car with a hot cuppa, whilst a rain storm passed by, we ventured around the base of the rocky outcrop and found further Banded Geenhoods as well as some White Bunny orchids (Eriochilus dilatatus sp. dilatatus). The area had been recently burnt with some patches still smouldering so we decided to make our way to Mt Ridley to check it out for orchids.

On the track after leaving Dempster Rd we came across what appeared to be small spent Scented autumn leek orchids (Prasophyllum sp. early) and also found some Banded Greenhoods. UPDATE: The spent orchids now appear to be Pygmy orchids (Corunastylis tepperi) which is a new find for us. The Pygmy orchid is found between Corrigin and Eyre during the months of April and May.

Mt Ridley

We then parked at Car park 1 and sat down to eat our hot soup for lunch when the rain came in so back in the car to keep dry. As the barrier had been removed we drove around the base of the rock until the track became a bit too hairy. We back tracked to finally park at the base of the rock and ventured upwards on foot. Deb had a particular spot in mind where a year or so back we had come across a mass of Pterostylis orchids. She located the spot but only Banded Greenhoods to be found this time. Maybe a small Snail orchid as well, yet to flower. I found some White bunny orchids on my way up. Nearby we found more White Bunny orchids which had very little pink/red colouring.

At the bottom of the rock on our way back to the Triton we found more White bunny orchid and Banded greenhoods. Some dark variants found. Came across some very small specimens with one being in full flower and only 20mm tall if that.

Slow trip home with a few stops along Dempster Rd with more Banded Greenhoods found and many flowering Banksia standing out in the foliage. Was a nice day spent in the great outdoors with Banded Greenhoods joining the list of Orchids found this season.

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