Exploring Helms

Western Australian Orchids

28/5/2017 After a hard night-shift, I take Deb out to the Animal Park for brunch and as we are right next door we have to visit Helms Arboretum. (Mud Map SE 35) We make our way past plot 14 on a last ditch effort to find the Leafless orchid , but no luck so onward to plot 8 where we locate some early Banded greenhoods (Pterostylis vittata) and late White bunny orchids (Eriochilus ?).

We then drive slowly along the track I have labelled Y and found a small Scented autumn leek orchid (Prasophyllum sp. early). Further specimens were found on the track I have labelled X, however I reckon some are Autumn leek orchid (Prasophyllum parvifolium) as they have red-striped flowers. The Autumn leek orchid is found from June to August between Eneabba and Manjimup with scattered occurrences eastward to Mt Ragged .

We then did a U turn and took the track down to the lake. Deb spotted a group of six or so Hare orchids (Leporella fimbriata) on the track prior to turning north.

At the point closest to the lake I hopped out and bush bashed to the lake shore but found no hint of orchids just yet. I found a large fungi pushing out of the ground so took a snap and also needed to show the ants nests that resembled a flower.

Passed the lake and found more Scented autumn leek orchids. We reached the northern border of Helms Arboretum which becomes Crawford Road and make our way home via the Coolgardie – Esperance Hwy.

Five varieties found so not a bad day out  !!!

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