Long weekend of looking !!

Western Australian Orchids

June long weekend 3 – 5

After a long week of work we pack up the camper trailer and head out for Stokes Inlet camping ground in the Stokes National Park. Unfortunately we arrive to a locked gate due to prescribed burning. Choices – Munglinup Beach camping, Parking up for the night as Stokes NP may re-open Saturday, Fanny’s Cove Beach camping or return home to Esperance. After pondering these options and driving up and down the Hwy we finally return home with the plan to head out to Thomas River Camping ground first thing Saturday morning.


We are greeted with a cold morning at 6am but also a beautiful sunrise as we head out to Cape Arid National Park and the Thomas River Camp-ground, via dropping in to visit Tim and Tian at the farm. Tian provides us with a cuppa and toast which was awesome.

At Thomas River we decided for the first time ever to camp in the top camp-ground and chose bay 11, which is a short walk to the loo. After setting up the camper and having some lunch we make our way to Len Otte Nature Trail to try our luck. It was a great afternoon for a walk but not very fruitful. Found Banded Greenhood (Pterostylis vittata) in their usual spot and leaves for yet to flower orchids but nothing else.

Hang on Deb found a very small almost finished White bunny orchid (Eriochilus dilatatus subsp. dilatatus) on the way back to the car park.. Well done Deb.

On Sunday we made our way down the Tagon Beach for a fish. Whilst Deb was fishing I scampered over the rocks looking for orchids. I found many bunny orchid leaves and leaves for other orchids but nothing in flower. After a couple of hours and 3 fish later we made our way back to camp to have fresh fish for lunch. No further orchid hunting today.

Monday we ventured down to the beach for a look along the walk trail and found a good batch of leaves with buds in them at the bottom of the track from the camping ground to the beach. However that was about it for the morning walk, as it was time to pack up and head home. I took pics of a Banded greenhood, leaves of what I believe will be Redbeaks and a yet to flower Jug orchid in the bush around our camp site.

On arriving home and after unpacking Deb went off to work at 4pm, so I went for a look down along the Kepwari Walk-trail. Not much luck, only 2 Bunny orchid leaves found, but found the bush fire in Nov 2015 has cleared up the undergrowth so the ground under the burnt Banksia may be a fruitful site for orchids this year.

Banksia opens after bush fire

Banksia on the Kepwari Walk . Bushfire Nov 2015

Not much found over the 3 days but the weather was perfect …

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