Sunday searching

Western Australian Orchids


After another wonderful Sunday cooked brunch from the Bird and Animal Park we venture to Helms Arboretum (Mud Map SE 35) to discover the Banded Greenhood‘s (Pterostylis vittata) are now in full bloom. Especially around the 90’s plots.

Then driving along track X alongside the numbered plots I spy a little Scented autumn leek orchid (Prasophyllum sp. early) and further along in Plot 26 more specimens are found.

We then check out other areas for emerging leaves before heading out to Pink Lake to look for Mosquito orchids. The leaves are fully out but only very small buds for now.

Another scouting trip this time to the Rotary Lookout Walk Trail up at Dempster Head. (Mud Map SE 34) Many leaves of various types along with many many spent White bunny orchids and leaves. Some are promising with flower buds emerging so will need to revisit as the season progresses.

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