Dempster head re-visited

Western Australian Orchids


Off to check on the progress of the orchids leaves and buds we found a few weeks back on the Rotary Lookout Walk Trail up on Dempster Head.  (Mud Map SE 34) The first successful find was a lone Snail Orchid which was very short however the snail flower head was as large as taller specimens found in previous seasons. From looking through my orchid books I will name this one Eastern granite snail orchid (Pterostylis sp. ‘miniature’.) This orchid is found from July to early September between Esperance and Israelite Bay.

Next came the first flowering Cyrtostylis orchid found this season. A single flowering Mosquito orchid (Cyrtostylis robusta) was found in a group where some other flowering specimens looked dead and damaged. So many leaves with buds at varying stages of growth were found in many places along the trail. Mosquito orchids flower June to August and range from Perth to Israelite Bay.

Then just before the small wooden pathway steps I found some very close to flowering Shell Orchids. The photos show a dark colouring so may be Curled-tongue shell orchid (Pterostylis rogersii) as they flower June to August and range between Binningup and Esperance. Will need to confirm at next visit.

We complete our walk and decide to take a quick trip out to Lake Monjingup Reserve to check on progress. We walked around the trail and only found one Banded Greenhood (Pterostylis vittata) for our troubles. Varied orchid leaves found but nothing yet flowering.

Banksias though were in full bloom with the Swamp Banksia (Banksia occidentalis) looking very colourful.

So we located 4 different species today which was not too bad going for a winters day.


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