Coolinup Calling – Pt1

Western Australian Orchids


Today we headed East . Our first destination was the track off Coolinup Road where we found a few orchids back in June.   Coolinup Nature Reserve  indicates location of Road.

My first find is two small Pterostylis orchids just budding from their rosettes, however Deb locates some fully formed Snail orchids. I take my pics then go check out her find.

From the pointed nature of the hood these are Brittle snail orchid (Pterostylis timothyi) . A little further along some Fawn snail orchid (Pterostylis parva), previously sp. ‘small stature’, were found as they have a plumpier appearance.

Also found were some Prasophyllum parvifolium orchids either pre or post flowering.  Then in the middle of our walking track I spied 2 small specks of pink. Excited to find Pink bunny orchids (Eriochilus saber subsp. saber) again.

Eriochilus scaber subsp. scaber

Size comparison with 5c coin

Deb found some late Hare orchids (Leporella fimbriata) and further snail orchids were found. Then under a WA Christmas Tree ( Nuytsia floribunda ) Deb finds some Rattlebeak (Lyperanthus serratus) leaves, which is only the 3rd location ever we have found them.

Under another nearby WA Christmas Tree I spied our first Spider Orchid of the season. It appears to be the Common spider orchid (Caladenia vulgata). There ends up being 4 in close proximity. One poor specimen has his dorsal sepal nipped off.

On the way back to the Triton, parked on the sodden track, we find more Pink bunny orchids, Hare orchids, Snail and Greenhood orchids, including the smallest flowering greenhood I have ever seen.

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