Coastal search

Western Australian Orchids


Today with friends Warren and Tammy we venture out to Rose’s Beach for a day of fishing, however after arriving and setting up in the far western corner I decide to go exploring to see if I could find any orchids.

I walked to the west end of the beach and climbed up the steep coastal dune for an amazing view.

After taking some photos of the view I make my way upwards through the thick vegetation. Under this vegetation I spy some Snail orchids. From the location and appearance these appear to be Coastal snail orchid (Pterostylis sp. ‘coastal snail’) which flower July to August and range from Bremer Bay to Israelite Bay.  It was a small hood with half a dozen or so plants with many more non flowering rosettes.

Nothing more found on the way up, however once on the limestone ridge above the beach I stumble across some Pink fairy orchids (Caladenia latifolia) which are the first for the season. Identified by the underside of the leaf being green. These awesome little orchids flower August to November and range from Kalbarri to Israelite Bay.

I then headed east along the limestone ridge and only came across 2 or 3 more Pink Fairy orchids before finding a way back down to the beach.

Two orchids found within 1 hr is not too bad especially given the very coastal environment searched.

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