Yangebup Lake

Western Australian Orchids


Went for a quick walk around the lake at dusk, with my daughter Kirstie and we found lots of leaves for Caladenia sp. but no orchids in bloom found. As it was getting cold and late ,we gave up and went back to her home. 


Beautiful sunny morning so Kirstie, Hamish, Deb and I went to check out a couple of garage sales. On the way back Deb and I pop back into the bush around Yangebup Lake and we visit the patch of leaves Kirstie and I found late yesterday afternoon. Further in the scrub Deb locates some snail orchids in flower. No phone or camera in my possession so I plan on coming back later this morning to grab some photos. After playing Mario Racing on the Nintendo Switch, I quickly pop back and grab some photos. On checking the Field Guide I believe the snail orchid to be the Murdoch snail orchid (Pterostylis sp. ‘cauline leaves’) due to location, numerous stem leaves and short lateral sepals. These orchids range from Perth and Walpole and flower August to September. 

Murdoch snail orchid

Short to mid-length lateral sepals

Murdoch snail orchid

Robust stem and large fleshy rosette

This is the first orchid recorded from the Perth metropolitan area in my BLOG. Was hoping to find more but one is a start.


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