2019 Road Trip – Margaret River

Numerous days, Road Trip

Waking up to a wet day we decide to book another night, if we can and spend the day being a tourist in Margaret river. We were in luck with being able to book another night so we then planned our day. Last night we had organised to meet up with an old friend, Duncan, at Knotting Hill Estate. First point of call was Bettenay Wines which also specialises in Nougat.

After sampling a few liqueurs and nougat, we make our purchases then moved on to The Grove Distillery. Here I pay to taste the Rums whilst Deb and Richard taste other things. We end up buying quite a few small bottles of pre-mixed drinks for Christmas. The gardens around The Grove made for some nice photos.

Next point of call was to be the Margaret River Chocolate Co. but we got a bit lost and found the Margaret River Dairy Company instead. Some nice tasting enjoyed before buying some yoghurt and cheeses.

Next we visited the Margaret River Nuts and Cereals where we sampled more and purchased more. Becoming a habit of the day it seems. They are developing the place to have outside games and there was a great marionette mural which was begging for a photo shoot.

Finally reached the Margaret River Chocolate Co. where the samples were few and limited. Prices were a bit steep as well so we settled on buying a coffee only. After taking a relaxing time drinking our coffee it was time to meet Duncan for lunch.

We arrived at Knotting Hill Estate before Duncan, so we had started our tastings and found out they only provide platters not actual meals. After Duncan arrived and had his tastings, it was decided we would try another winery for lunch. Not before we all bought our share though.

The winery chosen to have lunch at was Woody Nook Wines, where we started with a few tastings of course. A triple pack of Nooky Delight was purchased and shared between us, Richard and Duncan. We then moved into the restaurant area and grabbed a round table and ordered beers. Deb and I ordered a Tasting plate to share, which was an amazing array of tastes and textures. So worth it. After a great catch-up with Duncan it was time to depart.

Back to our cabin for a quick rest before we take the so called 10 minute walk into town. It may take a normal person 10 minutes power walking but we were looking out for orchids so it was a bit more leisurely paced. The logs were so covered in moss it was so cool to see. Many round orchid leaves found but it appears we have missed the flowering. Then amazingly we find a Corybas in flower. A solitary Common helmet orchid (Corybas recurvus) was found growing in the moss on a fallen tree trunk.

Then a bit further on also growing on a fallen tree truck in the green moss, were some Slender snail orchids (Pterostylis crispula) with the distinctive crinkled leafed rosette.

Moving on as it was getting late, we finally get to town and pop into the local IGA for some drinks. The walk back detoured via the Margaret River Fish Ladder which was an interesting construction.

Back to the cabin where we had dinner and crashed after a full on tourist day. Lucky to find 2 orchid species on the day. Will have to return one day as there is so much to see and do in this neck of the woods.

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