2019 Road Trip – Margaret River to Bedfordale

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Having a lazy morning we check out at 10am. Catching up with Alice a friend from Esperance, who now lives in Margaret River is our plan for this morning. She works at Jarvis Estate where we will do some more tastings. However prior to arriving we pull over into the power line clearing off Osmington Road for a quick scout.

In the bush between the power lines and Bussell Hwy I find many snail orchids. Karri snail orchids (Pterostylis karri) seem to be the species. On specimen found is 250mm in height. these orchids flower August to early December in locations between Margaret River and Walpole. Long thin lateral sepals and pointed dorsal sepal seem to confirm this identification. Some leaves appear crinkled so initially thought them to be Slender snail orchids.

Deb is searching on the other side of the power lines and calls me over as she has found some Midge orchids (Cyrtostylis huegelii).

Also on her side were some snail orchids, however these ones appear to be Red-sepaled snail orchids (Pterostylis erubescens) due to the red colouring.

Couple of snail orchids found with one appearing to be a Karri snail orchid but the other may be an early Red-sepaled snail . Length and thickness of lateral sepals seem to indicate they are different species.

Its nearly 11am so we made tracks to Jarvis Estate to catch up with Alice. This was her last few days at the estate as she has changed jobs, so we were privileged to have a private cellar door, which included having a taste direct from the barrel. As has become the norm we left with a few purchases. Forgot to take any photos which is not good, but we did have a great time catching up with Alice.

Heading west, then south we venture onto Mowen Road to go further west to Sues Road. Here we turn north and follow it all the way to Bussell Hwy then turn left to travel towards Bunbury. We plan to visit Manea Park (Mud Map SW 5) in College Grove. Pulling off the road at the round-a-bout we park up and make our way to the walk trail entrance.

After checking out the map we head off on the trail for the 2.3km walk. First up we find some snail orchids. Unable to identify the species though.

Next up on both sides of the track we find our first Donkey orchids. Very poor specimens. However just a little bit into the bush was an exciting find. A Leaping spider orchid (Caladenia macrostylis) is found. These orchids flower August to early November in locations between Albany and Bindoon. The up-swept clubbed petals and dense band of calli are distinctive features.

A splash of yellow catches my eye and there two small Cowslip orchids (Caladenia flava subsp. flava) are blooming brightly in the dull bush. Others are found along the track and the variation in shape, yellow colour and red markings are evident in the flowers sighted.

Another great find was the Reaching spider orchid (Caladenia arrecta) which has very prominent clubs to petals and sepals. These orchids flower late July to mid-October over a range from Bindoon to Esperance. Only a sole specimen was found today however. So very lucky.

Better specimens of donkey orchids found further along the track. From all those found it appears there may be more than one specie found. With the purple coloured mid lobe to the labellum one appears to be the Yalgorup donkey orchid (Diuris porphyrochila) which is located from Mandurah to Bunbury, possibly as far south as Margaret River, from late August to early October. They can hybridise with the Sandplain donkey orchid (Diuris tinctoria) which is also found in the same locations and flowers during September and October. Other flowers found appear to be these Sandplain donkeys. Then some shorter orchids with lateral sepals that are not crossed may be Kemerton donkey orchids (Diuris cruenta) which flower similar times and range from Lake Clifton to Capel. So who knows, we may have found three species or just versions of one. I’m open to suggestions as to correct identification.

Also found was a very bent sole specimen of the Silky blue orchid (Cyanicula sericea) which flowers August to October over a large range from Esperance to Jurien Bay.

Further Pterostylis orchids are found. Jug orchids (Pterostylis recurva) are found in isolated patches as well as the good old Banded greenhood (Pterostylis vittata). Also many more snail orchids are found which I will not attempt to name at this time.

Moving on as it is way past 1.30pm and we have not had lunch yet. We pull into the Bunbury Farmers Market and are super impressed by the set-up. Awesome place to shop for fresh food, however we also picked up some great ready made salads for lunch. Now time to head into the city and catch up with friends in Bedfordale.

We arrived just before 6pm and unpacked ourselves into the house and started socialising. However as we were in the Perth hills, on a bush block, I took an opportunity to check out as much as I could in the fading light. Right on the boundary with the neighbours I find some very impressive specimens of the Silky blue orchids.

Travelled a few kilometres today but was still able to find some great orchids. Leaping spider, Reaching spider, Silky blue and possibly 3 Donkey orchids all new finds for the season, so can not expect much better.

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