09/08/2020 ….. Corrigin to Dowerin (Road Trip 2020)

Road Trip, Western Australian Orchids

Corrigin Wildflower Trail

After a quick breakfast we break camp and head into Corrigin to top up the Triton. We then head straight out to the Scenic Lookout Drive followed by the Corrigin Wildflower Trail which surrounds the airfield.

Western wheatbelt donkey orchid

(Diuris brachyscapa)

Joseph’s spider orchid

(Caladenia polychroma)

Chameleon spider orchid

(Caladenia dimidia)

Jug orchid

(Pterostylis recurva)

Sugar orchid

(Ericksonella saccharata)

Frog greenhood

(Pterostylis sargentii)

Spider orchid – Hypochromic / lutea form

Hairy-stemmed snail orchid

(Pterostylis setulosa)

Mallee banded greenhood

(Pterostylis arbuscula)

Little pink fairy

(Caladenia reptans subsp. reptans)

Ant orchid, Clown orchid, Man orchid, Jack-in-the-box

(Caladenia roei)

Green spider orchid

(Caladenia falcata)

Unidentified spider orchids

(Caladenia sp.)

After spending a few hours at this location, which included running into a fellow orchid enthusiast, we headed off to Dowerin where we have planned to meet up with Richard, our road trip buddy. We called into Watercarrin (Deb’s grandfather farmed here) and checked out Minnivale before finding Richard at the Dowerin Short Stay Village. We stayed in a chalet which was fortuitous as it rained all afternoon into the night.

Only got to check out near Corrigin today and it was so windy but we found a few orchids. I have posted a video below to show how windy it was today which made getting clear photos very difficult.

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