12/08/2020 ….. Billiburning Rock to Elachbutting Rock (Road Trip 2020)

Billiburning Reserve, Datjoin Well and Rock, Other Reserves, Road Trip, Western Australian Orchids

We wake to a wintery morning with grey clouds and the threat of rain. We quickly have breakfast then start to pack up camp. Unfortunately the rain arrives and we rush to pack up in the pouring rain. Not ideal but we will set up again tonight so it will dry out then.

We head back south to Beacon, then head east to the next stop. Site 12 of the Wheatbelt Way Drive Trail is Datjoin Rock and Well Reserve.

Datjoin (Dahjoing) Well

Blue beard, Blue fairy orchid

(Pheladenia deformis)

Pink candy orchid

(Caladenia hirta subsp. rosea)

Drooping spider orchid

(Caladenia radialis)

Chameleon spider orchid

(Caladenia dimidia)

(Caladenia radialis x incensum)

Dark-tipped spider orchid

(Caladenia x exoleta)

Ant orchid, Clown orchid, man orchid, Jack-in-the-box

(Caladenia roei)

Yellow granite donkey orchid

(Diuris hazeliae)

Leaving after a good 2 hours of searching we head to the next site along the Wheatbelt Way Drive Trail. Site 13 is the Bonnie Rock townsite. Behind the hall is a wonderful new toilet and shower facility. We decide to have a nice hot shower and prepare lunch. Refreshed we then move onto Site 14 Beringbooding Rock. We go for a walk onto the rock which was excellent , however no orchids were found. The largest rock water catchment tank in Australia is located here. Deb and I had camped here on a previous trip, however as it is only early we move on, with plans to camp at the next location.

We arrive at Site 15 Elachbutting Rock just after 2pm and visit the Wave Rock, Monty’s Pass and Kings Cave, before driving around to the south eastern side, where we find a place to camp. I go for a clamber over the nearby rock after camp is set. It is too steep to climb up far, so end up skirting along the base for a bit then making my way back to camp.

Elachbutting Rock

Hairy-stemmed snail orchid

(Pterostylis setulosa)

Ant orchid, Clown orchid, Jack-in-the-box, Man orchid

Finished the day around another campfire, grateful that the wet weather did not follow us from our morning showers. Seven species and some hybrids found today so was an OK day.

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