11/08/2020 ….. Koorda to Billiburning Rock(Road Trip 2020)

Billiburning Reserve, Koorda Native Flora Reserve, Road Trip, Western Australian Orchids

After a wonderful sleep and hearty breakfast at the Koorda Hotel it is time to head off to Site 7 of the Wheatbelt Way Drive Trail. Koorda Native Flora Reserve has 3 walk trails. We tackle the Yellow Walk Trail. The other 2 will have to wait a return visit.

Koorda Native Flora Reserve

Hairy-stemmed snail orchid

(Pterostylis setulosa)

Next stop was Site 8 – Gabbin Townsite where we completed the Town walk trail. Very interesting history. We then moved onto Bencubbin to fuel up, then headed to Beacon, bypassing Sites 9 (Marshall Rock) and 10 (Pergande Sheep Yards) as we had all visited them on a previous Road Trip. Interesting little installation with a Honey theme discovered on Ingleton road in Tampu. (Refer Featured Image)

Billiburning Rock

Site 11 of the Wheatbelt Way Drive Trail. We arrived around 1pm and made the decision to stay here for the night. After setting up camp and having a bite to eat for lunch, we set off on a wander around and onto the rock to see what we could see.

Dainty blue orchid

(Cyanicula amplexans)

Blue beard, Blue fairy orchid

(Pheladenia deformis)

Little laughing leek orchid

(Prasophyllum gracile)

Hairy-stemmed snail orchid

(Pterostylis setulosa)

Pink candy orchid

(Caladenia hirta subsp. rosea)

Glistening spider orchid

(Caladenia incensum)

Ant orchid, Clown orchid, Man orchid, Jack-in-the Box

(Caladenia roei)

“Rufous greenhood complex” orchid

(Pterostylis sp.)

Well this location proved to be an awesome spot for orchids given the previous poor showings so far this trip. 8 species in total today so we settled in for a fun night around the campfire to celebrate.

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